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Reach and Wash

Technology that keeps your windows cleaner, for longer.

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Residential Customers

I provide an regular, reliable and affordable six weekly window cleaning service to domestic customers.

With nearly thirty years of experience in the trade and much of my business gained through word of mouth recommendations, you can be assured that your glass is safe with me. Satisfaction is guaranteed. I'm confident that you'll be happy with my work, but if you aren't 100% happy with your clean - I'll do it again. No questions asked

I offer traditional ladder based cleaning when necessary, but extensively use the 'Reach and Wash' system. This technique uses very pure water, can reach heights where it is not safe to use ladders, and dries to a perfect finish. Sills and frames included. .

Contact me to arrange a free, no obligation quote.


Fed up with not being able to see out of your office windows?

I have extensive experience of delivering commercial work for a variety of organisations, including shops, offices and housing associations. Whether it be a one off clean on a single building, or contract work for multiple sites, I'm confident that I can meet your needs. My services are priced competitively and I won't be beaten on quality. Contact me to arrange for a free quote.


Flexible payments for busy people.

Domestic Customers: I'll give you a knock when i'm finished. If you aren't at home i'll leave you ticket so that you know that I have been. I understand that people are often busy in the day, so I'l call round on an evening during the week of your clean. If it's more convenient, you can pay by direct bank transfer or standing order. The details are on the back of the ticket left after the clean. Please put your address as the payment reference if paying by bank transfer.

Commercial: I'll send you and invoice for my work after it is complete. Invoices are payable within 30 days.

Reach and Wash

Traditionally window cleaners would use hot water with added detergent to clean your windows, along with an array of equipment such as squeegees, scrims, sponges, ladders and buckets. Working at heights could be risky in inclement weather, or when working alone, but it was an accepted part of the job for many, many years. Churchill Insurance once rated window cleaning as the most dangerous job in the UK!

'Window cleaners were top of the pile as they are working at height, on ladders, with one or more implements, and need incredible balance and concentration. They could be described as circus performers without the safety net.'

Greg Dawson, Churchill Insurance

The Reach and Wash system is different and most window cleaners now use this system. My water is purified at home and stored in a large tank in my van. The purified water is pumped from the tank, through system of flexible expanding poles, to be delivered with a soft brush which carefully removes dirt and residue from your windows and rinses it away. Because the water is pure, it dries quickly leaving no residue. This system means that a single person easily clean high windows with no risk. It's safe, quick, efficient - and kinder to window cleaners.

The sciency bit: Water purity is measured by the amount of dissolved solids that it contains. It is these dissolved solids that you can see on your glasses at home when they are left to dry. Normal tap water will have around 400 parts per million. Bottled water around 100 parts per million. Our water is much, much purer than that. It's as pure as pure can be. Reach and Wash filtration removes all dissolved solids, giving a score of less than 5 parts per million. I take good care of my equipment - so that you get the best clean possible.

Area Covered

Properties in other areas may be considered, depending on the size of the clean required.